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In June 2015 Nick Burton walked 280 miles along the footpaths and bridleways of England from Lancashire to London. The walk was intended to raise awareness of the lack of investment in our public rights of way network and a petition was presented to the House of Commons.… Read...

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Forgive Us Our Trespasses

I consider myself richer than a king when I can walk out of my house on a summer’s evening and climb Pendle Hill to watch the slow sunset over Bowland’s western fells. Then by the light of June’s strawberry moon I can drop down to the hedged back lanes of silent Worston and traverse the normally treacherous A59 bypass with ease, the hours of dusk at least providing a relatively safe crossing for humans, if not for less fortunate nocturnal mammals.… Read...

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2,500 Names. 2,500 Tragedies.

I have known for some time that my great grandad, Andrew McDonough, who died in 1915, has his name recorded on the giant obelisk of the Helles Memorial, standing over 30 metres high and visible to passing ships sailing by the Gallipoli Peninsula in modern day Turkey.… Read...

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Lament for the Ordnance Survey

Kids in bed and the prospect of the next day free to spend walking on the hills, I was in my element. I spread out the OS Explorer map of the Forest of Bowland across the living room floor. A better read than any book, this familiar map is not just a paper record of my life past but an inviting glimpse of my life not yet lived.… Read...

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The Wharfedale Men Who Marched Away

Upper Wharfedale is particularly special this time of year when jelly-legged lambs sway unsteadily in biting winds and the distinctive trills of the curlew, oystercatcher and lapwing make a welcome return to the riverside pastures. For the mid-week rambler the busy calls of the breeding birds are the most audible sign of life in the dale, save for the distant engine rattle of a farmer’s tired tractor being forced up impossibly steep tracks through unseen gaps in limestone crags.… Read...

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Wainwright’s Way

Wainwright's Way Cover

The ultimate Alfred Wainwright pilgrimage - a long distance walk linking the fell walker's place of birth with his final resting place.

Wainwright's Way, by Nick Burton, is a book for those who love Wainwright, walking, history and the north of England.

Visit the Wainwright's Way Facebook page to find out advice if you are planning to walk the route, including where to stay and public transport links.

View the gallery to see the spectacular landscapes you will pass on route between Blackburn and Buttermere.

ISBN: 978-0-7112-3321-8

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